What Customers would like to know…..!

CALIBRE Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. believes in ‘Customer First’ approach. The customer centric approach and our expertise in supply of the products on time hold core value in this business.

We partner with major Manufacturers of Wide range of Connectors, Cables, Glands & various Testing equipments leading in today’s Industry to serve as a platform to the needs of end customers. Our Distribution model has been designed to help our customers for their customized requirement.

Our Serving Methodology & Values that we behold:

CALIBRE started as a distributor of HARTING, a reputed brand known for its manufacturing of connectors, then expanded its reach in other well known brands from Germany like Weidmueller, HELUKABEL ….and so on. We are also authorized resellers for many reputed brands like GEISSEL, JAEGER, and LAPP KABEL . Our expertise lies in not only selling these products to customers as a box-selling, but also we firmly believe in value adding each requirement in a unique approach. The supply /trading business of CALIBRE was then further expanded into networking arena, where CALIBRE is partnered with major brands like CISCO, Tyco-AMP, Schneider, Brovis to name a few. …

It is every customer’s expectation that a supplier not only sells the product but also contributes to their specific needs in terms of timely supply, suggestions that would improve their work efficiency, save their cost and be considerate towards their wish list. In a broader view, we have almost served every customer as our investment, and ensured the customer is happy to have partnered with us. Thus, in order to serve our customers and achieve the deliverables, we upgrade ourselves with the product knowledge and enhance our expertise in giving a complete solution to the customer need.,

Therefore, we currently focus mainly on all industrial customers in Chennai, slowly expanding our reach to customers across the state. We solicit enquiries on the listed products here as well as any customized requirement of customers all over our vicinity. Customers seeking solution for their requirement related to supplying of Connectors, Cables, Cable Glands, Terminal blocks, Enclosures, Conduits, Cable Harness etc… as well as networking activities such as Data Centre Setup, Wireless requirements, any cabling activity can entrust their requirement to us and be rest assured of our service!

Networking Solutions:

With many competitors around, we proclaim our stand in Networking Solutions based on the client demands, interest and budget. With an unwavering focus on business relevant solutions, we help you differentiate our deliveries and innovate today for better tomorrow.

CALIBRE offer comprehensive scope of Networking Solutions & Services which encompasses:

  • Consultation
  • Designing
  • Integration
  • Maintenance and Support

On the following areas of expertise:

  • LAN, WAN, Campus Wide Area networking on Copper and Fiber (Passive)
  • Switching, Routing, IP Telephony, Video conferencing and VOIP Solution (Active)
  • Wireless Solution for Indoor and Outdoor connectivity, WLAN (WIFI)
  • Servers and Storage (Cisco-UCS)
  • Security Products: Firewall, IPS, UTM
  • FM Services

We have established a proven expertise in delivering business relevant Networking Solutions with sound track record.

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