Cable Harnessing

Cable harnessing is specific to an individual applications’ requirements and each component can be amended to produce the perfect cable harness. Each specialist wire assembly or cable loom can be individually tailored to the nth degree in terms of materials, size, weight and a mass of other characteristics. The outer sheath, or jacket, plays a big part in cable harness design. The cables and conductors are completely optimised for high and low bending cycles, compression force, high traction, and for application in waters, oils, acids and other aggressive substances. By using the correct material it allows application both in and outdoors and in dry, moist, hot and cold environments. With a vast amount of connectors and terminals available, it is reasonably likely that there may be a cable assembly perfect for your requirements. Cable harnessing is broken down into 3 main areas;

Motor & Drive Assemblies

Motor and drive cable assemblies are the perfect solution to static and flexible cable assemblies. There are ideal wire assemblies for use in multi-axis machines and cable chains and other high motion applications, or indeed for stationary technologies such as conveyor belts and systems. Motor and drive cable assemblies can be amended to the exact required specifications, and by applying the most relevant and secure cable configuration you can guarantee to get a safe and reliable cable harness.

Populated Chain Assembly

Custom populated cable chain assembly and assemblies are pre-fitted with connectors and are for use in a variety of applications in the drive industries and in automation control. The wide spectrum of application permits high flex operations through to standard, and through individual design processes it is easily possible to meet the unique demands of every application. Populated cable chains are widely utilised in automation control industries and in robotics. The major benefits of their application are for saving in both cost and time savings and for their ease of use. Generally, all leading suppliers and servicers of cable harnesses will perform the installation process. This ensures less downtime whilst installing, and increased reliability and lifetime of the technology.

Box build assembly

Box build cable assembly is an all-round cable assembly service for complex products and technologies that have the requirements of needing individual system integration and specialised individual configuration. By working from schematics, design briefs and end user interface information it is then possible to construct turnkey box building applications which can be individually developed for any precise or specialised system.