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Products and Services

CALIBRE Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. places great emphasis on ‘client-first’ philosophy. All our services and solutions are geared to allow our clients gain a competitive edge and be proficient in their business. We ensure rigorous adherence to quality as well as time-to-market when supplying products and services.

In our endeavor to provide the best in class services and products to our clientele, we have partnered with reputed names in Manufacture of Wide range of Connectors, Cables, Glands & various Testing equipment. These help our clients to remain ahead in offering substantial value in serving the needs of their end customers.

Our Methodology & Values adhere to industry best practices and encourage productivity

CALIBRE has strived to be a market leader with its visionary foresight in meeting clients’ needs with high performance products and services.

We started off as a distributor of HARTING, a reputed brand known for its manufacturing of connectors. With our focus on superior quality we quickly expanded our reach to other well-known brands from Germany like Weidmueller, HELUKABEL, WISKA, WILSON to name a few. We are also authorized resellers for many reputed brands like GEISSEL, JAEGER, and LAPP KABEL. We go beyond traditional selling to add a whole new dimension of customer empathy and eagle eye focus on quality of service and product delivery. This helped CALIBRE to carve out a distinct space in the competitive market. We have also branched out the supply /trading business into networking arena, where CALIBRE is partnered with major brands like CISCO, Tyco-AMP, Schneider and Honeywell.

The key USP of CALIBRE Network Solutions

We have strived to keep the customer central to all our activities. This has ensured that we not only supply the products, but also provide expert consulting on the product range that will serve their needs the best. We also focus on improving your productivity and ensure that you enjoy a healthy margin with our lower supply costs. We have served every client of ours to the best of our ability and are proud that they consider us a valuable partner in their success story.

We also adopt practices that allow you to be confident for today and ready for tomorrow. Our knowledge is continuously upgraded based on current market trends and demands, and we try to supply products and services that can help you stay ahead competitively by being future-ready.

Our current focus is on our esteemed clientele in Chennai. Because of the immense confidence in our work, we are now branching out to other cities within Tamil Nadu. We aim to gain international exposure in the near future and will continue serving our customers with the same dedication that we displayed when starting off initially.

If you have a need in Connectors, Cables, Cable Glands, Terminal blocks, Enclosures, Conduits, Cable Harness etc. or networking activities such as Data Centre Setup, Wireless requirements, or any cabling activity, feel free to connect with us and we will make sure to get back to you on priority.