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Harting Connectors in chennai

Many components go into making a powerful, reliable and highly efficient technological framework in your office. Whether it is control components, connectors, accessories or alternative connectivity solutions, you need to have just the right mix of hardware and technology to get things absolutely right, and in tune with your requirements. At CalibreNet, we offer you a selection of different solutions from leading brands for your use.

We offer the below component with wide-ranging applications,–

  • Switches, micro switches, limit switches, disconnects, push buttons and data transmission hardware from the reputed house of GioVenzana.
  • Cable gland options from Wiska that provide you with reliable use, adherence to industry standards and great versatility in your industrial connectivity. Keep your cables healthy and free of stress with this amazing range of products.
  • Low frequency, radio frequency and optical fiber communication hardware from the house of Huber+Suhner. These high quality products can really lift your corporate network to a different level of functionality.