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Harting Connectors in chennai

Our offerings range across multiple renowned manufacturers and our trading portfolio contains everything you might need to have an efficient, high performance corporate technology backbone. With important devices like relays, routers, switches, hubs, connectors and power supplies to a large collection of cables and other hardware, from leading brands like Weidmuller and Harting, we can help you create the perfect industrial connectivity with these stellar products.


When it comes to high quality industry-grade hardware and accessories, Harting is a brand which has been making a difference for many years. Their diverse line of products is known for their performance and stability, and power many offices around the world. At CalibreNet, we provide you with comprehensive trading services for a large number of Harting products which you can use to great effect in target markets like Automation, Machinery, Transportation, Energy & Telecom.

With us, you can find high quality Harting networking products like –

  • Connectors – Rugged, durable and high performance industrial-grade connectors that can stand up to rigorous use, available in many different configurations. Connectors for power supply, PCB circuits and input/output operation are available with us.
  • Switches – A large selection of managed and unmanaged switches for network distribution and the creation of convergent corporate networks.
  • DIN / D-Sub – Different models of DIN and D-sub connectors with diverse pin combinations and speeds, allowing for smooth data transfer in systems.


If great performance and rock-solid stability are factors you expect from your factory automation and industrial connectivity, we at CalibreNet have some excellent products to offer you from the respected brand of Weidmuller.

We have with us a large number of important Weidmuller hardware which can make a difference for your particular requirements. These include –

  • Terminal Blocks – The latest, modern and feature-rich terminal blocks which come in multiple configurations for maximum versatility. With a finger-safe design and easy installation, these vibration resistant terminal blocks can take care of all your power needs.
  • Power Supplies – A range of high quality power supplies and diode modules ranging different ratings and capacities to handle all your networking power requirements.
  • Relays – Single and multichannel relays of both mechanical and solid state varieties which provide industry leading performance.


For efficient systems that make for smooth flow of data, you need a robust and reliable cabling system in your office that gives you the speed and bandwidth required for swift communications and data transfer. The network cables are arguably the most important component in your entire infrastructure, and at CalibreNet, we have for you a large range of cables from some of the leading manufacturers in the world.

You can choose from among –

  • LAPP – A large selection of high quality performance cables that cater to every requirement. You can find power cables, control cables, industrial connectors, data communication and high speed optical transmission cable systems, conduit systems, connectors and accessories from the reputed cabling brand with us.
  • Wilson – Products from the well-known and immensely popular Wilson brand can be a perfect fit for any corporate requirement. We have available with us control cables, power cables, flexible multi-use cables, shipboard cables, fire resistant cable varieties and cables for instrumentation.
  • HELUKABEL – Known for the special cables worldwide, is again a German product with varied range of Flexible & Special Cables.