A Premier System Integration Company having 10+ years experience on this niche domain for client’s growth and success:

Using category 5e, category 6/category 6A cabling, or single mode or Multi mode fiber optic systems, Calibre will design and build a high performance Structured Cabling System for your business

Organizations of today face ever-increasing demands when it comes to technology to keep up with competition and to reach business goals. To succeed as a business, these demands need to bemet with maximum efficiency but at reasonable costs. At Calibre, we can help you meet these demands with our cost-effective and competitively priced System integration services portfolio. These services are fine-tuned to bring together all IT, Security and communications systems at your workplace for a seamless, efficient daily workflow that aids a high degree of productivity and creativity.

If you have complex technical requirements, getting these implemented successfully would be a burden on your in-house staff. Our System Integration Services can be an invaluable help in this regard, without the need to scale up capabilities or extend your IT infrastructure.

Calibre has more than 10 years substantial experience in core skills and in-depth knowledge of industry best practices. This helps put us in a great position to handle all your requirements and provide true value to your operations. With our services, you can have the right integrated workplace network that you need.

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Attention To Detail

There are a hundred ways to run a cable but only one way to do it right.


We’ll design a system that grows with your business.

Certified Installers

We are trained and certified installer ready to solve any problem you throw at us.


A structured cabling system is the central nervous system of your company. It’s role is to connect the multitude of IP devices that are constantly being added to your network. From computers to cameras, VoIP phones to Wireless Access Points the need for interactivity between devices has never been greater.

Just like the human body, it is critical that the all of the systems have a centralized means of communication.

The full potential of the IT system in your office can only be unleashed with well thought-out network design and efficient structured cabling.

At Calibre, we can provide you with a turnkey solution that covers:

  1. Consultation
  2. Network Design
  3. Structured cabling planning and implementation

Is your system healthy and performing at it’s best?

Security Systems

Powerful Security Protection with State-Of-The-Art Solutions

Security is becoming more and more critical for the long-term success of your business. Calibre  understands that each facility is unique, as is each security concern. Our solutions are custom-designed to meet your system’s specific needs.

Our security camera systems provide crystal clear HD video and the latest features. Your business is a investment; protect it around the clock.

Video Surveillance Solutions

We offer security camera systems that are based on an innovative, open technology platform. Our systems are scalable from a small single camera system to large scale corporate or campus systems with thousands of cameras. Real-time and recorded video can be viewed, managed and configured from any location on the network or via a mobile app while you are on the go.

The security camera systems we offer are reliable and easy to use. We give you the ability to set multiple, independent video streams from an IP camera. Each stream can be set at different frame rates, resolution and quality level, ideal if you require remote viewing over a limited-bandwidth connection, but want to retain the highest resolution for recording and local viewing. Up to four streams per camera can be selected, depending on the IP camera model.

Our systems are adaptable to your security needs, and you can rely on us to make sure they are installed in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way

  • Inventory monitoring
  • Staff monitoring
  • Perimeter (real estate) monitoring
  • Asset surveillance
  • Traffic flow and analytics
  • Low-light solutions
  • Security Camera System Partners

    We’ve teamed up with the industry leading manufactures of IP security camera systems.


    Protecting lives, buildings and assets is our aim. The product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communication of voice, sound and music complete the range…

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    HikVision camera’s and NVR’s may be considered budget commercial security camera systems but we are continually impressed at the image quality and ease-of-use of their systems. Jam-packed with features, HikVision is steadily gaining ground on some of the more well known systems. We’d love to discuss one of these security camera systems with you.

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    Focus on customer’s needs, provide satisfactory products and services through continuously improvement. Protect customer’s investment, and create the biggest value for customers. To become a global leader in video surveillance industry.

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